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Motoring Offences

For motoring offence advice or legal representation in Leicester, Loughborough and the surrounding areas you won't find a more experienced solicitor than Fosse Law.


We have solicitors with more than 20 years' experience in this area of law and so could be your best chance of avoiding points or disqualification and staying on the road.

"I think your firm are great, you got a good result so THANKS and good luck in the future."


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If you're in need of help with motoring offences, call the team in Loughborough on

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  • Drink driving

  • Speeding

  • No insurance

  • Parking ticket

  • Dangerous and careless driving offences

Driving Offences we can help with:

Come to our experts with police tickets for offences that are generally dealt with out of court.

Fixed Penalty Notice Appeals

  • Exceptional hardship applications

  • Special reasons applications to avoid disqualification

  • Early return of driving licences from disqualification

Driving applications: